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  Super Smash Brothers Melee Tips
Call the Star Fox Team - In the Corneria or Venom levels only, Fox and Falco can both do a pretty entertaining trick. When you're in the stage as either of the two, "fiddle" with the D Pad (left right left right etc or down down down etc, whatever you prefer) until your character goes down onto the ground and starts vibrating. The other three Star Fox members will have a humorous conversation telling you to get out of the way while they beat up the enemy. If you're hit through any part of the process, the whole trick stops. You can only do it once in a match.

Super Grappling Beam - Probably the only useful Easter Egg so far... This will allow Samus to have an extended (not to mention homing) Grappling Beam. To activate it, rapidly press Z while pressing Down, Up, Down, Up constantly on the D Pad. The next time you press Z, the beam should be extra long. If not, then try again. Once the super beam is activated, you have to press Z again when the tip of the beam is on the opponent to actually grab them. Otherwise the beam would just pass right through them. Also, hold down L or R when pressing Z to make the beam home in on targets. It can go up, down, behind you, anywhere, as long as it's not through a wall or ground. Once you die, you have to do the code all over again to get the beam to extend again.

Extra Points - In one player mode defeat your opponent and press Up ont he D Pad to taunt your opponenet just before he dies. Get your character to be in a taunt when the camera goes to check out the scores and you'll get 500 extra points. This is known as the "Fighters Stance."

Alternate Costumes - Go to the character selection screen and while your token is on a character press either X or Y. The character's costume should change. Some characters have up to 5 costumes!

Random Character Select - Put your token over one of the empty squares next to Pichu or Roy and press A. Your token should now appear on a random character.

Borrow Lives from Teammate - If you have lost all of your lives press Start and you will borrow a life from your teamate, as long as your teamate has more than one life left. Be sure to ask your fellow team member before borrowing one!

Play as Sheik Right Away - If you want start a match out as Sheik select Zelda and hold down the A button before the match begins. Zelda will transform into Sheik as the announcer counts down for the match to start.

Line up Trophies - Select Trophy Mode and have Collection ready to be selected, but do not press A yet. Now hold Hold L, R, and Y. Then press A to enter the collection. The trophies will be lined up. There are many different shapes to line your trophies up. Thanks to Delphi from Smash Boards for originally finding all the patterns:

* A + L (let go of A first): Makes a square with the trophies aligned on a diagnol.
* A + L (let go of L first): Makes a square with the trophies in neat columns and rows.
* A + R (let go of A first): Makes a circle.
* A + R (let go of R first): Makes an oval.
* A + Y (let go of A first): Makes a triangle with the base in front, and the point behind.
* A + Y (let go of Y first): Makes a reverse triangle.

Unlocking Secret Characters

* Jigglypuff

Option 1: Clear Classic or Adventure Mode with any character.
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 50 times.

* Marth

Option 1: Play Vs. Mode with the default 14 characters.
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 400 times.

* Luigi

Option 1: Clear Mushroom Kingdom in Adventure Mode with a two in the one's place of the seconds timer to make Luigi replace Mario, then defeat him in under a minute.
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 800 times.

* Mewtwo

Option 1: Play 20 combined hours of Vs. Mode.
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 700 times.

* Mr. Game & Watch

Option 1: Clear Classic or Adventure Mode with all 24 other characters.
Option 2: Clear all the other 24 characters' Target Tests.
Option 3: Play Vs. Mode more than 1000 times.

* Young Link

Option 1: Beat Classic Mode 10 times.
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 500 times.

* Dr. Mario

Option 1: Clear Classic or Adventure Mode as Mario without continuing.
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 100 times.

* Ganondorf

Option 1: Clear Event #29
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 600 times.

* Pichu

Option 1: Clear Event #37
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 200 times.

* Roy

Option 1: Clear Classic or Adventure Mode as Marth without continuing.
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 900 times.

* Falco

Option 1: Beat the 100 Man Melee.
Option 2: Play Vs. Mode more than 300 times.

Unlocking Secret Stages

* Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths
Play 50 Vs. Mode matches.

* Eagleland: Fourside
Play 100 Vs. Mode matches.

* F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue
Play 150 Vs. Mode matches.

* Kanto Skies: Poké Floats
Play 200 Vs. Mode matches.

* Mushroom: Kingdom II
Get a Birdo trophy.

* Superflat World: Flat Zone
Clear Classic Mode with Mr. Game & Watch.

* Special Stages: Battlefield
Clear All-Star mode with any character.

* Special Stages: Final Destination
Clear all 51 Events.

* Past Stages: Dream Land
Complete Target Test with all 25 characters.

* Past Stages: Yoshi's Island
Hit over 1323 feet in the Home Run Contest with Yoshi.

* Past Stages: Kongo Jungle
Beat the 15 Minute Melee with any character.

Unlocking Events

* Events 11 - 15:
Win 6 different matches from Events 1-10.

* Events 16 - 20:
Win 10 different matches from Events 1-15.

* Events 21 - 25:
Win 16 different matches from Events 1-20.

* Events 26 - 29:
Win 22 different matches from Levels 1-25.

* Event 30:
Win 27 different matches from Levels 1-29.

* Events 31-39:
Unlock Jigglypuff, Luigi, Dr. Mario, Falco, and Young Link and clear Events 1-30.

* Events 40-50:
Unlock all hidden characters.

* Event 51:
Clear all of the Events from 1 to 50.

Unlocking Other Secrets

* Sound Test:
Unlock all 11 secret stages for a total of 29 stages.

* All-Star Mode:
Unlock all 11 secret characters for a total of 25 characters.

* Score Display:
Get at least a total of 5000 KOs.

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