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Vehicle Critical Hit Spots

Here is a list of vehicles that have critical hit spots, which are places they will take more damage than usual.

Alliance AAC-1: The black coolers on the sides.

IFT-T: The circle on the back.
AT-ST: Back block between the legs.
AT-AT: Neck between the body and head.

IFT-X: The circle on the back.
AT-RT: The spot between the legs.
AT-TE: Cylinder along the bottom.

AAT: The rear panel.
Armored Tank Droid: Rear tread cylinder.
Hailfire Tank: Cylinder below the cockpit.
Spider Walker: Linkage between the legs and body.

Star Wars Battlefront II is about strategy and NOT just brute force. Always consider every strategy an enemy may use and NEVER underestimate an opponent.

Here are some strategies that I use:
While using an engineer, roll from rockets instead of jumping over them.
A sniper positioned at every walkway of a map that COVERS his teamates with sniper fire will lead any team to victory.
A sniper can take out any enemy with two shots or less (with the exception of Wookies and Heroes).
Use auto-turrets to prevent Enemies from sneaking behind you.
Snipe Snipers.
Shoot rockets at the feet of opponents. This decreases your chance to miss completely.
A squad of three or more soldier class units is near UNSTOPPABLE.
A team of droidekas and engineer droids is also near UNSTOPPABLE.
Use group buffs. Especially while assaulting (or defending) a base.
Engineers should destroy mines, repair vehicles, and repair droids for his teamates.
The Tri-shot on Super Battle Droids is much more powerful than the Wrist Blaster at close range. IT CAN KILL IN ONE HIT!
Pick off AI units to get Awards easily.

Here are a list of the Awards (all of these must be completed in one life):
Precision Pistol - 6 kills with a pistol
Elite Assault Rifle - 12 kills with a blaster rifle.
Remote Rockets - 4 critical hits vs. vehicles
Vehicile Regeneration - Slice/Hack into an enemy vehicle
Beam Rifle - 6 headshots with a sniper rifle
Flechette Shotgun - 8 kills with shotgun
Energy Regeneration - Score 12 points
Damage Reduction - Score 24 points
Damage Increase - Score 36 points

The Precision Pistol, my favorite award, is an invaluabe weapon in space.
The Precision Pistol has a scope for sniping.
The Beam Rifle can pass through multiple targets.
Sniping people in turrets is the best way to get the Beam Rifle.
The Elite Rifle is very powerful, but can be easily dodged by side-stepping/rolling.
Increase the Remote Rockets blast radius by boosting before impact.

Space Tips by Lord-Chaos-Mind:
Okay here is a list a various tips I have picked up while flying around that may be useful:

1. The Opening strategy
Many times you can guess what your opponents team is going to do by their team composition. For example if they have many good fighters on the ground you can bet that they will send transports in or individual fighters to assault your ship directly. This group is the biggest threat early on but their threat level diminishes as the battle progresses/ However if you see that there are many good pilots you can expect bombers and that like to go for the less direct approach. This group can usually slip by defenses and target your cruiser's shields directly or go after the stupid computers that buzz about. Therefore this group is the second highest threat that climbs in threat level as the battle progresses. Usually you can tell what a player's strategy is by playing for a few hours with that player which makes it easier to guess. That leaves us with the bad piloting and bad soldering group. This group commonly likes to stay in the ship and will often man the auto turrets and conduct repairs. Obviously this group presents the least amount of threat to your ship and points. However it is noted that one should be mind-full of manned auto turrets as while they do not pack the same amount of firepower as a starfighter, they can present a threat especially to the unsuspecting pilot.

2. The fighter types:

A. The bomber class.
This class is often favored by many elite pilots and is the class that is going to get those big points in. The bomber class has a surprising variety of uses ranging from cruiser defense, anti-transport defense, and of course bombing the enemy cruisers. The key is to know what tactic and when to use it. For example it is highly profitable to hunt down enemy transports early on in the game. This is best accomplished by getting on the transports tail and unleashing your proton bombs. A good run and down a transport in one second and kill up to four people at once! Now moving to the defense bomber role. Bomber defenses should only be attempted by expert pilots but can make or break a battle. For example if your shields fall. You can be certain that bombers are going to swarm in like ants at a picnic. Therefore even one bomber on bomber defense could make the difference. The key strategy is to first target an enemy bomber that is or about to make a run on your cruiser. Next you have to close the distance then line your self up and unleash those bombs of yours. One or two proton bombs can take down any bomber but they must hit. Also make sure your run is successful the first time otherwise you have the fun of lining up with a dodgy bomber. As a side note bombers tend to not feel damage as they roll or back-flip therefore wait until the evasive maneuver is finished before attacking. The final role of a bomber is the most important one. Attacking the enemy cruisers! This role is done by pilots of all skill levels but must be done in order to win a quick and decisive victory. The first task is too take out any enemy frigates as these provide quite a lot of firepower to the enemy. The exception is if the frigates are far away from the main ship. Second task is to go after the enemy's shields. While this sounds simple you are going to be under not only auto turret fire, but enemy starfighter fire, and the manned auto turret fire. As a bomber it is important to realize that stealth can play a factor. For example bomb on the side of the ship that is opposite the hanger or make your runs close to the ship. You want to stay hidden as you weaken the shields. On a side note is has been confirmed that bombers like to go up to the top of the map and commence their bombing runs from there. Do to an error in the game bombers staying up that far are invincible as they tend to vibrate. While this may sound like a good idea many consider it cowardly and exploiting a glitch. As a result many expert bombers to not use this. Once the shields are down, pretty much any bomber pilot knows to bomb the critical areas. As a word of caution; bombers do not have as much special energy as other fighters so be mindful of this as you dodge as one can quickly run out of energy and be a sitting duck. This brings us to the topic of whether or not to man those extra spots in the y-wing or tie-bomber. Well let me put it this way, which is more deadly two bombers or a bomber with a co-pilot? From experience the Gatling gun on the y-wing is not going to take down any self respecting enemy pilot and the tie-bomber's homing missiles are useless. The only time this strategy might be acceptable is when you are trying to get a two man boarding party onto a vessel and don't want to risk a haunting transport ride.

B. The fast fighter class.
This class composes of fighters designed to take out enemy fighters. They are fast and nimble and oh so frail. These are not designed to start a game out with. Due to opposing auto turrets. Their range is limited early in the game. However when the shields are down and the frigates are destroyed their is no better time to get out there and hunt some fighters! Of course pilots of all skill levels tend to fly these fighters but only the aces tend to survive. Since the energy reserve is so great, it is okay to do stunts galore! Often it is best when multiple people fly these fighters as one lone wolf just won't do much. Also many times when expert pilots meet in combat in opposing fast fighters, they tend to circle each other until one gets tired of circling or one of your teammates arrive to finish off that circling sucker! The opposite is also true. Overall this is an excellent fighter class to choose and is best reserved for mid to end game. On a personal note the tri-fighter and a-wing tend to be the best in dog fights as they have superior missile abilities.

C. The assault fighter class.
This class composes of fighters that have a blend of the other two classes. These fighters in my opinion tend to be very weak in comparison to the other two classes. Fast fighters can run circles around them. Bombers even have no problem evading them. While their torpedoes are more powerful than a fast fighter's, they take time to lock on and are easily evaded. The best strategy that I have seen used with these fighters is the old get on their tails and fire away one. Don't give them a chance to react because often times you will wind up dead. However if you a challenge this is the fighter for you!

D. The assault transport.
Can you say help? This is most likely the riskiest class to fly of all! As many people tend to hunt transports. And why not? They can't evade and they have limited turning ability. The only thing on them that knocks out fighters is if they approach from the front. Blast them! Otherwise people tend to die quickly while on these things. They are best used during a chaotic battle with many of your teammates running cover fire. However the result of landing in an enemy's cruiser is devastating. Always have at least two marines on board as the fire fights can be intense. The marines should cover the pilots as they knock out vital systems. Overall if you like to fight it out on foot then dominate their cruiser! Also a good tactic to use if you have a lot of people spawning in is to destroy their fighters in the hanger and steal them.

3. The enemy cruisers.
These is your opponents main base fully equipped with auto turrets and shields. The smaller frigates usually are armed with three turrets and provide a constant nuisance. It is interesting to note that the Republic and CIS cruiser's shields are weaker than the Imperial and Rebellion cruiser's shields. Therefore bombers should keep this in mind as it will take longer to knock out the shields from the outside. Also the cruiser's with the strongest auto turrets are the Republic and Imperial cruisers. Bombers must take caution as well as all other craft as their turbo lasers can knock you out of the sky quickly.

A. To mount or not to mount that is the destruction! Now we come to the issue of whether or not to man the auto turrets. Well as said before they are mostly a waste of time as most good bomber pilots can spot turrets under control and quickly eliminate them. The time is better spent playing as a marine and defending the ship. Also if the shields go down early in a battle don't hesitate to help repair them! Often I have seen four or marines standing around like a bunch of dumb struck bothans while a lone engineer repairs the shields or auto turrets. That is pathetic. Ever heard the saying many hands make light work? Well believe it or not five or six people working on a shield can have it up in a matter of seconds not minutes. Not mention it totally demoralizes bombers when they find their hard work is wasted. Also don't forget that you switch between classes! The is incredibly handy as you play a marine one second and pilot the next! Incredibly versatile!

Well that is it on my hints and tips for space. It is my heartfelt wish that these tips will help a rookie pilot turn into a ace to be feared!

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